Skipping Town


She skipped down the road out of town whistling her new favorite song, a ditty she had heard once on the radio in the window of the town’s lone department store. At her side, a battered suitcase thumped hollow against her leg. The road behind her, like the town itself, was empty. There were no broken-hearted boys to pine after her nor pinch-faced scolds to spread rumors of the blonde temptress who had blown into town on the hot summer breeze. No one would miss her because she left no creature alive.

No creature except the flies. Pestilence loved flies.


Did I miss a week? I did, and I have no good excuse except I couldn’t make a decent story out of the prompt. Actually, I couldn’t make decent story. Funny thing. I had two different stories bouncing around my head, one of which would have been significantly longer than 100 words. The other one was…meh. I don’t like meh. Meh has no place here. That first one, though, won’t quite let me go. It’s very possible you will see it here, or perhaps parts of it, in the near future. Or not. I honestly don’t know! I do know I’d like to share it with you if I can. I’ll try.

Darleen’s story (and it’s nice to have her back!) wrangles a current event in a very sweet way.

Smitty goes the personal letter route this week. I like his ending.

BigGator5 is taking a break from the small stories to put some real polish on his first novel. You can read more about it, and help him move it along, right here!