When the Cat King Calls

“Hey”, the Cat King’s emissary said from edge of my porch roof.
“What do you want, Sashay?” I was in no mood for shenanigans and he was shenanigans on cat’s feet. Literally.
He shrank back into the shadow of the satellite dish, his ears flat. “Whoa, easy! The Cat King–”
I cut him off. “No.”
“But…he…” Sashay flicked his tail, looked down at me with widest eyes. “…needs you.”
I blinked. Sashay was begging. He had never begged, not in all our years.
“Okay”, I said but he had already shadestepped away. Only the echo of his purr remained.

Remember that interesting and audible thing I mentioned earlier in the week? Well, here it is. I took the picture myself, performed a few acts of techno-hackery upon it, uploaded the whole thing to Instagram and voilà! Of course, you can’t quite hear the story here. You’d have to go to Instagram for that.

Or do you…?

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Well, would you look at that. You do not!

Okay, fellow writers. There’s the image. Go forth and commit stories upon it! Link back here or hit me in the comments and I’ll link you up. Oddly Said April, I’m talking to you now!