The Expedition


Brighton counted the men assembled outside the teardrop-shaped snow cave then called over his shoulder, “Doctor, we should hurry. You heard the last report.”

“I heard”, Arvidsson replied as he zipped up his duffel bag. “The dreams are deeper. The madness more intense. Riots in Paris, London, Moscow…yes, I heard. The men are ready?”

“They’re loaded up and know what to do. But they’re not my concern.”

Arvidsson sighed. “The explosives will suffice, Brighton. We will destroy this sleeping abomination. Get the men moving and follow me.”

Brighton whistled and the expedition entered the ear canal of the Dreaming God

Last Friday, Phantom Sway launched a new feature for 2018 — a fiction writing challenge with which you might well be familiar! My intention was to write a story on Friday, but I failed. So I tried to get one written on Saturday, but I failed then, too. Ditto Sunday.  Lots and lots of failure.

The reason is simple. I got well out of the habit of writing regularly. At some point, I convinced myself to start several stories but not to finish any of them. I filled my fiction bucket with half-written and half-hearted crap and it shamed me. Writers write, and if I wasn’t writing, then what in the world was I?

Putting myself back in the writing habit is proving difficult, but I’m resolved to writing regularly. In fact, I’m going to do my very best to write a story every week. I launched by twice-monthly newsletter on January 1 (subscribe right here, please!), which obliges me to a certain number of stories this year. However, I also need to write stories for this site right here and stories to sell to people who want to buy them. That means I’ll have to write in the odd weeks, too.

I figure if I write a story a week, I’ll do enough writing to build a professional writer’s habit. Hopefully, some of those stories will sell. Hopefully, you’ll like a whole bunch of them and you’ll share them with your friends and family. Hopefully, I’ll be the writer I very much want to be.

Let’s see, huh?