“We Interrupt the Present…”

Friday Fiction Prompt Radio 1-12-18

“I swear, Doug, this thing tells the future!” J.J. ran his hand over the cracked Bakelite top of the tube radio.

Doug scowled. “What? No. There’s no way–.”

“Yes! They just said the Chargers beat the Raiders to get to the Super Bowl. The Vegas Raiders, man! Come on!” J.J. twiddled the volume and they leaned closer.

“–after three months, police made an arrest in the gruesome murder and robbery of two men at a downtown pawn shop–”

“What–?”, JJ asked.

“Sssssh!”, Doug hissed back. “Listen!”

They listened, so intently they never heard the bell above the front door jingle.

Today’s challenge gave me a lot of options. I went with the one that would make a fine vignette in a Night Gallery episode. Can’t you almost hear the jingle of that little bell?

I do feel a little bit bad for J.J. At the very least he ought to have gotten some good lottery numbers or something.