The Brave Battle of The Masked Bearvenger

The Masked Bearvenger’s rapier plunged into the The Monster and drove it farther under the child’s bed. “In the name of The Light I banish you”, he shouted and his weapon glowed where it struck. It screamed defiance and lashed out, tore through his fur, and pulled out puffs of white stuffing.

When it ripped off his arm, he switched hands and slashed again and again. “For The Light and The Dream Guard”, he growled as he forced it to flee, squealing, into the deeper darkness. “And my Child”, he sighed as he slumped by the bed, torn but triumphant.

I’ve had a story in my head for well over a year about stuffed animals who guard children from a great and insidious evil while they sleep. I’ve not written it because I’m not quite sure it’s a good story, but I could be wrong. You’ll have to tell me. My entry into Phantom Sway’s Fiction Friday challenge is a scene, perhaps, from another story in that world. There are a lot of capitalized figures I’ll trust you to figure out as you go. I’m reasonably sure I have them sorted in my head, but don’t be surprised if I tell another story in this particular world and the names undergo a slight transformation.

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