Into the Dreamlands

The journal page read NEVER STOP DREAMING! in crazy-curved script. An orchid lay next to it, half-grasped by the sleeping coed. Detective Cotler sat heavily in the chair next to her. She didn’t stir.

“The Dreamland Killer. Again”.

“Can’t be.” The lieutenant loomed behind him. “You bagged him ten years ago.”

“Yeah. But…” He looked at the girl. “Look. If we don’t wake up in an hour, shoot us both in the head”, he said as he snatched up the orchid and inhaled deeply.

“What? Alexander, wait”, the Lieutenant tried to stop him, but his body already slumped forward, empty.

I didn’t write a story last week, thanks to some unexpected technical difficulties, but I think I’ll catch that one up over the next few days. My weekend schedule is a bit less restful than you’d expect, but I hope to find a couple hours in there to write a story about an unexpected wizard’s familiar. It might be a funny story but then again it might not. I have ideas in both directions.

I’ve also let the newsletter go fallow for — *counts on fingers* — way too darned long. I know I stink at this, but I’m genuinely trying to write more. I’m incredibly frustrated at myself for not being better. One day I’ll get the hang of it! In the meantime, you can still subscribe. I promise you will get good stories. Eventually!

Until then, you can get in on this week’s writing frenzy right here. The prompt is, I think, open to a lot of interesting interpretations. Go on over and show us where it takes you.