#FridayFiction 100-Word Challenge / “Maybe Tomorrow”

Maybe Tomorrow


Friday Fiction Luggage

The half-full suitcase mocked him from the hotel bed. Literally.
“You’re the worst magician I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen hundreds!” Its voice was high and nasal. Perfect for hectoring.
Fantastic Frank lobbed two folded pairs of pants into it. It didn’t stop.
“Why don’t you get a job as…oh, right. You’re terrible!”
“Enough. Please”, Fantastic Frank said and neatly placed a small stack of shirts inside. “Enough.”
It paused. “I’m…sorry. It’s just, I’ve taught you–”
“Yes.” Frank fastened the suitcase, picked it up. “Maybe tomorrow. Kids’ party.”
“Maybe!” The hopeful tone lingered as the door closed behind them.


I’ve had it in my head to write a story about Fantastic Frank for some time now.  He has, to this point, existed only in a few notes I have for a longer story. This week’s Phantom Sway Friday Fiction prompt seemed like a good time to introduce him, though, and so I have!

Perhaps soon I’ll dust off those notes and write the story about Fantastic Frank I’ve been meaning to write for a couple of years. I think it would be a fine story for my newsletter. Yes. I know how neglected it’s been. I expect that to change very soon.

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