“Hope” is the thing with tentacles –


“Hope” is the thing with tentacles –
That lurks in shadowed eave –
And sings along with maddened pipers –
And will never, ever leave –

And alluring – in the Vale – is heard –
And great must be the Rite –
That could banish the tenebrous form –
That made restless many a night –

I’ve heard it in the deepest wood –
And in an unmapped alley –
Yet – never – in long hours,
It asked to, timeless, dally.

Obviously, I took inspiration and form for my poem from the work of a legend, but that’s how creativity works. At least that is how my creativity often works.

It is also quite possible I have a different mental image of “hope” than the average poet.

(Photo Credit: ILoveToTakePhotos on Pixabay)

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