Nobody Believed Kaylee


Nobody believed Kaylee when she told them there was a secret world hidden in a hole in the trunk of an old tree. They called her a fanciful child.

Nobody believed Kaylee when she told them about the throne with her name on it and the crown that fit her just so. They called her a liar.

Nobody believed Kaylee when she brought back sweets and treasures the likes of which no one had ever tasted nor seen. They called her a thief.

Everybody believed Kaylee when her marauding army burst forth from the trees. They called her their queen.

I don’t think I’ve ever written a story in less time than I wrote this one. From “Okay, brain, what do you have for me?” to “That’s it. That’s the story” took roughly 20 minutes. I’m not sure if that means the story isn’t good or that this prompt plucked just the right creative string in my noggin, but it’d certainly be fun if more stories came out as quickly and easily.

You know, it’s quite possible the prompt might get your creative juices flowing, too. Why not try your hand at writing a story, too?