A few days ago, my friend and fellow author Kim Watt tried to dictate one of her stories using the Google Docs voice to text translation tool. It did not go well. Here is some of the result.

Kim Watt Voice to Text Angry Dr..jpg

Dramatic, huh? I thought so, too, which is why I recorded a dramatic reading of the text.

You’ll note I put a little extra into that reading because something that has the phrase “a grinding, angry Dr” deserves all the unholy acting talent that dude over there in the red gave me. And it only cost me one of my antenna dealies.

Futurama Unholy Acting Talent.gif

If you like this, you will—wait. You LIKE this?! Seriously? Okay. Well, I guess I’ll have to do something like this again, perhaps with a bit less drama and an actual story and all.

Unless Kim has another translation mishap, that is. Then, all bets are off.