Dagon in Twilight


“You’re quiet, dear.” The elderly woman leaned on her husband as they strolled slowly up the path away from the beach toward the setting sun.
“I’ll miss it”, he said after a moment.
She patted his arm and smiled. “I know. But it’ll be nice. You’ll see. We’ll get our sacrifices together!”
He sighed. Already, he longed for the chanting throngs. But…she was right. It was time to retire, to leave many-columned Y’ha-nthlei to the younger generation. To scale down. He chuckled at the pun.
“What was that?” She looked up at him with ageless green eyes.
“Oh nothing, Mother.”

This week’s challenge was a bit more challenging than I expected. You’d think that the guy who picks the prompts would have a good grip on what story he wanted to write, but nope. That’s not always how it works, at least not in my writer’s brain.

I hope it’s not necessary to have deep (heh!) knowledge of the Lovecraft Mythos to appreciate this week’s story. That story is a fine little look at two elderly…beings…in love, walking into an uncertain but necessary next phase of their lives. We can all appreciate the uncertainties of such a situation, no matter who, or what, we are. At least I’d hope we can.

One last thing. I co-moderate a nifty little group on Facebook group devoted to stories of the kind I write. My fellow mod is a wonderful woman who is about to spring a delightful detective novel on the world. We’d love to have you in the group. Do take a quick peek.