When Destiny Calls…

Friday Fiction Rotary Phone

The rotary phone sat in the middle of the deserted highway and Michael bent over it, his car idling nearby. He could see no cord, so when it rang twice, he started. Curious, he picked up the receiver.
A white light flashed around him, and he was gone.
+ + +
Deep inside the mother ship, the hive lord watched its crew shove a confused and naked Michael into the probe tank.
“You were correct”, it said in a cloud of pheromones and a jingling trill that sounded much like laughter. “They fall for it every time.”
The tank buzzed and whirred.

I love stories like this. Once I got a solid grip on the hook and gave it a sharp yank, the whole thing came out of my mind intact and almost ready for presentation. This week’s story works as a counterpoint to last week’s creative train wreck, where I worried over the prompt and ultimately produced nothing but anxiety. Thank goodness that didn’t happen today, eh?

Okay, I have two small requests for you, if you please. First, would you be willing to share this story with someone else who you think might enjoy it? I’d like that quite a lot! Second — and this is for those of you who have thought a time or two that you might like to write your own stories — would you head over to Phantom Sway today and try your hand at writing a story as well? You might just have a neat little tale in you. I’d very much like to see!