What the Hedgehog Knows

Friday Fiction Hedgehog

It is said by wise beasts that a fox knows many things but a hedgehog only one. This is certainly true. Foxes make exceptional wizards because they can know a great many spells. Lord Russet, the greatest wizard in the Great Wood, claims to know upwards of 500 spells, though he also claims a proper wizard need know only ten.

By that definition, Grumpet was not a proper wizard. Neither was he a fox. Grumpet was a hedgehog, and as any animal knows, the only thing a hedgehog does properly is be a hedgehog. True to the saying, though, Grumpet knew one thing: a spell. A rather large spell. A spell powerful enough to unmake the Great Wood itself.

He did not want to know it but he did. And while he did, no one else could.

Not even Lord Russet, who wished to know that spell more than anything.

I will confess two things to you. First, I know I’ve not posted a 100-word story in about a month. I’ve felt a bit rebellious. After a hundred or so 100-word stories, I figure I’ve earned it! Not to worry, though. I’ll be back to following my rules soon enough!

Second, I am sorry for foisting on you a beginning to a longer story instead of a story in itself. You’re right to want to ask me what happens next. Forgive me, though, if I tell you I don’t really know. When I picked the picture yesterday for the challenge, I knew I’d never shoehorn what I wanted to write into 100 words, nor was I ready to write the whole story. What I did have in mind, though, was cool to me and I figured it’d be cool to you as well, even if it was only a beginning.

The story, by the way, is (sort of) inspired by a book I recently read called The Cats of Tanglewood Forest. I highly recommend you seek it out. The book is beautiful, lavishly illustrated, and a delightful and fast read. I recently discovered it has a sequel and I’ll nab that as soon as I get a few spare bucks.