A Bad Spell of Weather

Lightning over the City

Miami was a rotten place for a wizards’ duel. Too crowded. Far too many bystanders. I’d have chosen a mountaintop or desert oasis. But the choice wasn’t mine. I offered the challenge; Manganar got to pick the location and weapons. I knew he’d go big and dangerous. He was that crazy.

Just then, lightning struck a nearby tree. The trunk exploded around me, splinters bouncing off my shield. The shock wave shoved me back a step. Manganar’s insane screech filled the park. “I choose weather!!”

Weather? Oh, fine.


“All right, you lunatic. It’s time”, I shouted back. “Come and die!”

I’ve had this story kicking around in a notebook for a few weeks, ever since I wrote this story.  My idea was to write four other stories drawn from the same picture prompt, then write an article about how I found five different stories in the same picture, as a way to help writers get more from the creative parts of their brains.

I think we can call that a pretty solid failure. Not only did I not write four more stories, i didn’t even write two more stories, and not for lack of trying. This morning, I stuck that idea on the back of the shelf where perhaps I’ll discover it another day. Perhaps I’ll be ready when I find it again. Perhaps not. Either way, it’s okay. I rather like this story and even found a new picture to accompany it.

(Photo Credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay)