A Familiar Story

friday fiction a cat maybe

It’s not a cat, Big Dooley tried to remember, even as its smoky emerald eyes glared and narrowed. It’s a shadow. A conjuration. An assassin set on vengeance.

It meowed and Big Dooley nearly jumped out of his size 15 boots, stained brown by undercity muck and worse. He held up his hands. “It ain’t like that! I din’t kill your wizard! I din’t even touch ‘im! It was the Torch, yeah?”

The orange tabby thing that wore a cat’s fur sat simply stared at him from the hood of his car. After a moment, it pounced.

Big Dooley screamed.

As my friend Becca said on Facebook, I may have set a record for restraint in not posting a straightforward cat picture as a writing prompt before now. I’ll take my award in small, unmarked bills or a job writing professionally for your company. You have a company, right? With a small but not insignificant marketing budget? Good. Give some of it to me. I’ll write good stuff for you.

Sorry. That was a bit of a commercial, but I’m told I need to do that once in a while so folks will know that I’m on the looking for paid writing gigs.

In other news, this is one of those stories I didn’t think would get written. I had a solid idea on Friday, but when I tried to get that story down, it wasn’t there at all. Stupid fibbing story. I had thought to give up on it but one of the things I’m trying hard to do this year is write even when I don’t think  The Muse is with me. That is, if I have a glimmer of an idea, I’m going to grab it and “write into the dark”, as Dean Wesley Smith would say.

Therefore, this story! It’s not bad, huh?