“The Werewolf Machine”

Friday Fiction Snowy Night

“I call it The Werewolf Machine”, the man said and sent the device aloft. “The reflector is coated with actual lunar regolith. The box contains a small portion of the sun. It took five yea–”

Dowdy shifted his shotgun on his shoulder. “Whatever. Will it bring werewolves?”

“Every one for five miles. Maybe six.”

“Good. We’re bored”. Dowdy nodded to the SUV where his hunters gathered, armed and eager.

The man looked down, covered his eyes. “Well, okay then. Showtime!” He triggered the box open and the hillside blazed as if under a full moon.

The howls came from everywhere.

This one was tough to bring home in just 100 words. I really wanted to lavish some attention on the machine and the weird dude who built it and how it filled the wood-line with start, weird shadows.

But, what can you do? I broke the rules each of the past two weeks. It would not do to break the rules again. I’d have to declare myself excommunicado and then where would I be? No, no. You can get away with breaking the rules of the Friday Fiction challenge once in a while without serious consequence but never frivolously. Frivolous gets you a phone call from Charon, it does.

Don’t let the day pass without trying your hand at a story! I promise you there are interesting tales to be told from the prompt and you can definitely get one in at 100 words!