#Friday Fiction 100ish-Word Challenge / “An Origi–A Love Story”

An Origi–A Love Story

Friday Fiction Heart Moon Maybe.jpg

“One day,” Ariel told him when they were sixteen, “I will write my love for you in the moon.”

He laughed, of course, and flew away. Why wouldn’t he? He was Kid Icon, the Boy of Might, beautiful and brave. She was just Ariel Cosmos, the girl who helped him pass AP Physics — grey-eyed, quiet, and plain. But brilliant and determined.

Twenty years later, he screamed at her from a cell deep inside a dormant volcano. She had stolen his strength, surrounded him with strange alien alloys and bonds of her own devising. She — now Doctor Cosmos– laughed as her CosmoTech satellites powered up their lasers and began carving the moon into a new shape.

The shape of a heart.

The shape of her love.

This didn’t start out as a love story, but there it is. Oh, sure, it’s a sick and twisted love, filled with obsession and hidden rooms and possibly holding the entire island of Manhattan hostage on the certain anniversary of a certain Prom night, but it’s still love.

Kind of.

This week’s prompt over at Phantom Sway might lend itself to a could different types of story. I’d love to see that route you take to a cool story! This week, I jumped over the 100-word limit by a few and I’d be okay if you needed a few extra words, too. But just this week! Let’s not make a habit of being scofflaws. That’s how you get to volcano lairs and purpose-built holding cells.

And no one needs that. Well, no one other than you know who.

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