Jonah and the Fail

Fiction Friday A Lakeside Tent Maybe

Jonah sat by the door of his tent at the edge of the sea and waited for The End of All Things. He peered over the flat silver-grey water for any hint of a great seven-headed beast or the humps of a vast serpent.


He leaned back and grumbled. He shouldn’t have waited. These humans were infuriating! They invent a global communications network and…what? Do they use it to hasten their own destruction? No. They share cat videos and “dank memes”, whatever those were.

Oh well, he shrugged. No better time than the present to open the Dread Portal.

I’m not sure if this is a good story, but I am certain that it is a story. Given that I hadn’t offered up a story for a couple of weeks, I’m going to chalk this one up as a win for the week. Also, I apologize for the story title, but I couldn’t resist.

If you have some time today, or even over the next couple of days, take a swing at the fiction challenge. We call it Fiction Friday, but we don’t mind if you show up on Saturday or Sunday. Just show up and bring a story! As I’ve demonstrated this week, you don’t even have to bring a great story. I suspect, though, that the story you don’t think is great will delight someone else. Stories are tricky like that.