The 24th Wallaby


“Right, mate, this is it. Go time”, Warren the Wallaby whispered to himself and crept from a shadowy crevice into the moonlight. He scanned the surrounding grounds quickly but saw no one. Safe. Good.

The thieves, whoever they were, were sloppy. They herded the rest of the wallabies out of the enclosure quickly without counting, too busy waving their guns about and shouting “move along then” and “Ooh, you’ll fetch us a huge ransom, won’cha”.

They should have counted.

Because the Adelaide Zoo has 24 wallabies; in their haste they only kidnapped 23.

They overlooked Warren.

He’d make them pay.

Last night, I attended Sarah Werner’s podcasting livestream and there was an…interesting…tangent that involved pitching your show and I tossed out an example:

It’s “Die Hard”, but in a zoo and John McClane is a wallaby.

It occurred to me today that I could have some fun with that, so I did.

Here it is. Fun!

(Photo Credit: MabelAmber on Pixabay)