August Sucks


People think February is the worst month.
They’re wrong. It’s August.

February arrives with apologies.
It carries January’s bluster and chill.
Breaks it in half with a welcome reminder of love,
Hands it to March more warm and quiet,
And leaves.

Not August.

August shoves July aside,
Squats in its place, gassy and gluttonous.
It brings hot, smothering days,
Evenings of apocalyptic storms,
And school.

Thank goodness for September
Else August might stay forever.

I’m learning better how to write poetry that doesn’t come in strict meter nor end-rhymes and also how to write my passions. This, right here, is one of my passions. Such a passionate passion.

Also, about the time this post makes its appearance in the wide world, I’ll be in a warm and stuffy office overseeing repairs to our air-conditioning system. So I have reasons…

(Photo Credit: ChristianDevotions in Pixabay)