A Storm Broke Over My House Today


A storm broke over my house today.
No, I mean that literally.
A thundercloud shattered, battered by an Olympian fist.
Pieces fell all over my front yard
Little chunks of cloud, stuffed and soggy.
Angry shards of lightning, spitting sparks.
Pops of thunder, stuttering and exploding.

I picked up a shard of lightning.
A tag hung from the back. A note.
My name, written in Greek
And glitter. It read:
Just a little gift.
I still think about you.
Love, Z.

I know who sent the storm, of course
And who broke it.
He sent me a flying horse last week.
And some golden apples last month.
The apples made quite a popular pie
But the horse is a bit
Of a nuisance.

I am trying my hand at different ways to tell a story. Originally, though was going to be a short story that began in the same fashion, but went different places entirely. I hadn’t planned to write a poem, but as I played with the idea, this is what seemed best and most fun. I hope you like it!

(Photo Credit: DerTobiSturmjagd on Pixabay)