The Pink Bracelet

The Pink Bracelet

My sister sent me a pink bracelet
Made of heavy cord, a few months ago,
All the way from near Boston where she lives.
It is cold there and there are sea monsters.

She didn’t sent a note with it, like
Enjoy this bracelet that I made, or
I hope you like bright pink because I used a lot of it.
No. She just sent it in a plain envelope.

But she didn’t need to tell me why she
Sent me a handmade pink bracelet.
I know her and she knows me.
And we know about the sea monsters.

I used to smell them near my house a lot
Especially in August, the horrible month.
They smell floppy and vile, like old mud and fish.
That was then, though. That was before.

Before the handmade pink bracelet arrived
Before my sister sent it in a plain envelope
Without a note of explanation
But with mighty anti-sea-monster magic.

The bracelet is real. My sister is real. The sea monsters may or may not be real.

(Photo Credit: Me!)