The Key to a Buffalo Skate Party

Buffalo Herd by dksecord on Pixabay

There was a song, popular on the radio
Many years before I was born
“You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd”
It began, and went on a bit.

The local oldies station played it often
As if it were received wisdom
Sandwiched awkwardly between
Cream and The Shirelles.

The line didn’t seem right to me,
A clever bit of quitter, loser talk.
Of course you could rollerskate
Among the quiet, grazing bison.

You’d have to move quite carefully.
Don’t blunder in, buffeting the buffalo
And you’d have to dress the part
Brown and furry, with proper horns.

The most important part, though, the vital key
Would be the extra pairs of rollerskates
You’d bring with you. Just in case
Some of the buffalo wanted to skate with you.

Sometimes, a thought occurs and gets bigger the more you think about it. For true geniuses, those thoughts become world-changing innovations Apple Computer and Ivermectin. For me? This.

At least the buffalo will be happy.

(Photo Credit: discord on Pixabay)