To the Person in Front of Me in the Passing Lane Driving Exactly the Speed Limit

Side View Mirror by Mikes-Photography on Pixabay

What the hell is wrong with you?
Did you just learn to drive
Yesterday? Huh?
Did you get your license from a
Gumball machine?
Come on. Move over.
Move! Moooooooove!

groans loudly
wishes he had machine guns mounted behind his headlights

You must hate me. Is that it?
You hate me? I wronged you somehow?
This is payback. It has to be.
Oh, you scurvy, rotten dev–

Oh! Making a left turn, I see.
Huh. Ummm…
Never mind all that stuff
I just said.


Traffic in my town had gotten worse year over year and my patience with certain bad driving habits has grown thinner and thinner. I should be better. I should be more Godly and patient. I do try, for whatever that’s worth. Sometimes I get humbled. I’m not proud!

(Photo Credit: Mikes-Photography on Pixabay)