What My Friend is Not

Burlap Sack by Pixelina on Pixabay

I think my friend was quite happy
When I said she was not a clever mildew.
There had been some doubt.

Oh! Not about her cleverness! No, no!
She is quite clever — more clever
Than a large sack full of weasels.
Though she is not that either.

Anyhow, we quickly determined
She was not any kind of mildew.
And that made her quite happy.

At least that’s the message I got
From the contented way she
Opened her mouth into a broad grin
And emitted that cloud of spores.

Today’s poem is based on a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago with a friend, who is neither a mildew nor any other form of life given to blowing spore clouds all over the place. She is, so far as I can tell, a perfectly normal human being.

And clever. Very, very clever.

(Photo Credit: Pixelina on Pixabay)