Semordnilap: A Noituac

Old Books by bohdanchreptak on Pixabay

“Stressed” backwards is “dessert”.
“Devil” spelled backwards is “lived”.
“Chicken” spelled backwards is “nekcihc”.
“Nyarlathotep” spelled backwards is enough
To get you thrown out of the Forbidden Tomes
Section of your yrarbil.

Which, in case you were curious,
Is next to the Young Adult racks.
Past the reipocotohp.

Don’t tell them I sent you, though.
I’m not exactly welcome ereht
And I seem to have detcartnoc
A disturbing edis tceffe.


Sometimes an idea sticks in my head that is not quite a theme but more a…gimmick. That’s not exactly the word I want, but it’s close enough. I’d seen a few social media posts like the first two lines of the poem as great wisdom and I wondered what might happen if you just kept going. So I did and I think I ended up with something clever. You be the judge!

Oh. This is a semordnilap.

(Photo Credit: bohdanchreptak on Pixabay)