I Look for Dreams

Windblown Leaves by hansiline on Pixabay

There is a hole in the sky
Through which the dreams come.
I stand under it at night
And hope to catch some.
Or maybe just one.

They flit about like butterflies
Or leaves dead from a branch,
Tossed in a light wind
That takes them there and there.
But not here.

Still, I stand looking up
At the place where dreams come
And fall and waft and hope
That one will land on me
So that I can fall happily asleep.

I’m not sure where I found today’s poem, though the first couple of lines came to me as I drove to work. The clouds were all over the place this morning and I saw a cleanly-defined hole among three clouds that was nothing but bright, clear blue. If a dream were to come through a hole in the sky, it would be one like that.

(Photo Credit: hansiline on Pixabay)