September 20 at Ten Minutes Past Midnight

Saltines by WikimediaImages on Pixabay

A plate full of eight
Peanut butter and saltine sandwiches
Is a fine snack for sitting in bed
Watching Perry Mason wring a confession
From another hapless suspect
While a window fan blows in
Cool late summer night air.

Assuming, of course, my wife
Doesn’t invoke the ancient rite
And kick me out of bed.

Even a seemingly mundane few minutes of “normal life” can make for an interesting, even fun, poem. If you laughed when you read this, I’ve done my job and will be happy. If not, I’ll try again. That’s one of the joys of poetry. I can always write another one!

Still, this one is just a little bit fun.

Oh, and spoiler alert? Perry Mason’s client wasn’t guilty. Not even a little.

(Photo Credit: WikimediaImages on Pixabay)