The Night Lords

Full Moon NIght Town by SandeepHanda on Pixabay

The moon lords over the Earth,
Sends forth its Dukes and Sheriffs,
Awaits their reports as it paces
With measured patience from horizon
To horizon.

The Shadow Dukes creep above and
Below and watch and remember.
They grow tall and bold then shrink
And fade and crawl back to their lord
To report.

The Silent Sheriffs listen around corners
And from behind closed doors. They
Whisper and whine in the distance
Train whistles and owl screams
To our ears.

The night passes and the moon
Receives the secrets of the dim hours,
The residue of our dreams and desires
From its lesser lords, then quietly gives way
To morning.

When I was a kid, I was convinced there were things going on at night too mysterious and great for any of us to truly comprehend. Later on, I worked a few years of night shifts at a couple different jobs and I don’t think that seeing the world at 3 AM taught me any differently.

(Photo Credit: SandeepHanda on Pixabay)