Like God, but Better

Azalea Flower Garden Fountains by ajs1980518 on Pixabay

We already wrecked the world
A long age ago
Before time was time
Before history unfurled

In a garden of delights
Made only for us.
Everything was ours
Except for one thing. One. Thing.

We stashed away what we stole.
Hurriedly. Like kids.
Tucked into the bushes
Then tried to play it so cool.

That’s where we’ve been ever since.
Playing it cool
Like we’re kings and queens
With our cleverness and might.

We say we’ll save the whole world.
We’ll fix everyone.
We’ll be God, but better.
Just like we were in the garden.

I think a lot about how we humans insist we can fix what’s wrong with humanity, even though we’ve failed utterly and completely at the task for thousands upon thousands of years. Why are we like this?

(Photo Credit: ajs1980518 on Pixabay)