I’ll Be Here When You Arrive

All day long
I thought today was Friday,
Even though
Today is clearly Wednesday.

The right thing
Of course, to fix the problem,
Would be to
Give in to the calendar.

I did think
About doing just that thing:
Catch right up
To Wednesday like a good boy.

But instead
I’ve settled on stubbornness.
I’ll sit down
So all of you can catch me.

Just maybe
By the time you all get here,
I’ll stand up
Ready for Friday for real.

I did, in fact, have several problems on Wednesday because I couldn’t stay convinced it wasn’t Friday. I was late for a couple things and very nearly missed a work deadline because I thought I was working with Friday deadlines and not Wednesday deadlines. It was a whole day of mental kerfuffles!

The good news is that I didn’t do any lasting damage plus I got this nifty poem out of my time-addled brain. Writers should use what they have in front of them, right? So I did.