“No Magic Crane”


“And now, ladies and gentlemen…BEHOLD!” Fantastic Frank tossed the small origami crane into the air with a flourish and a thrust of will. His velvet cape billowed behind him on a sudden breeze, which should have buoyed the bird’s flapping wings as it soared over the pond.

Instead, the bird landed in the pond with a disappointing plip. The breeze, and his optimism, died. This is how it was. The magic wouldn’t answer, no matter how earnestly he called. His cloak hung about him, heavy as his failure. He sighed, turned, walked away.

Behind him, a paper wing stirred.


Fantastic Frank isn’t my creation. He lives in the mind of Carrie, who told a few stories of his adventures in magic at her site. I recommend both of them (one and two and three). When I saw the crane, I immediately thought of him (never simply Frank, by the way, and that’s not his real name either) and asked Carrie if I could borrow him. She graciously accepted and here we are. I deem at some point in the near future you will learn more about Fantastic Frank, his struggle to be a great stage magician, and why he fails so often to live up to his aspirations. That’s just a guess, though. He’s not mine, you see.

As ever, Darleen started us off with an interesting character about whom I’d like to know a lot more.

BigGator5 went weird today.

Carrie wrote a good one from a POV I’ve never considered before.

Smitty takes us into the world of high intrigue.