Comes the Trouble Truck

Fiction Friday VW Bus

“That’s it? That’s the Trouble Truck”, Exemplar said, his cape tugged by a passing breeze.
“Yeah!” Gecko the Great stood in the open driver’s door practically vibrating with excitement. “It’s beautiful!”
“It’s a microbus. It’s purple! Is that a roof rack?”
Double G, as he was known on certain internet fan boards, was undaunted. “For our gear! And it’s got mag wheels, a fold-down couch, a kicking stereo, and…”
“There’s a stuffed bee hanging from the mirror,” Exemplar said through gritted teeth.
“Oh! Right! That belongs to Bee Sharp. She’s our new team member!”
Exemplar said a loud, non-heroic word.

For the (unofficial) record, Bee Sharp used to own the va–Trouble Truck! She traded it for a spot on the team. You may have already guessed that, but if you haven’t, there you go. There’s only so much story you can get into 100 words, so the tale of titanic negotiation between Gecko the Great and Bee Sharp has to pass into unspoken legend. I think he got the best of it. The stereo really is kicking and it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll hear “Rocking Into the Night” by .38 Special at least once an hour.

One other thing of note, this story took me less than 30 minutes to write. I only mention that because my ability to write a story in 30 minutes or less might be the focus of some sort of audio production in the very near future. Top men are working on the details.

Top. Men.

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